The Long and Winding Project Road

Hi there ! Thanks for stopping by - I am not sure how I am going to make this happen, but I live in hope!

This is my first toe-dipping into the Blog world (yes, I know I am a wee bit behind the times now). I will keep it brief just in case I muck the whole thing up and it doesn't post (also not so good with the old Square Space world either).

Where to begin?

Well, working for oneself is the best and worst of all worlds -  as anyone who has started their own business will be painfully aware. Success very much depends on how good your boss is at finding new opportunities, networking, communicating, marketing, bookkeeping, social media-ing and the actual purpose of the business itself. 

Being said boss is my biggest problem - I am much better at the purpose of my business than the actual running of it! I just like to get on and make amazing spaces happen. I just need to sort out the rest.

At the moment I am managing my biggest project to date - the complete fitout and specification of a luxury 3 bedroom apartment for my client's short stay let empire. It is expected to be the best available in the city (actually he said in the southern hemisphere, but I am not going to give myself that kind of pressure!!), so all stops are being pulled out to make it as atmospheric and luxe as possible, with all the bells and whistles. The bells being installed at the moment are wiring for speakers  throughout the property, and the whistles are the ones that will issue from my client's mouth when he hears how much the spectacular mood lighting is going to cost!

Jokes aside, I take my projects and my clients' needs and desires very seriously. 

Watch this space. You never know - I might come back and write another post ;)