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A few years ago I was approached by a local boy turned international accomodation entrepreneur to create "the best apartment in Melbourne" for weekend visitors and short term rentals. We started with a 64m2 white and grey box with a canary cage-like (and coloured) enclosed balcony. Carpets and internal windows were removed and replaced with bamboo floor boards, brass beaded curtains, mood lighting and to top it off, a working, stone faced fireplace, 40 floors up!  The only remaining canary cage-like feature remaining was a little wooden bird in his rooftop house :)

Melbourne Retreats - The Bank, was booked out year round until it was sold (including all furnishings on request) last year to make way for Melbourne Retreats - Platinum 50 - coming soon!!

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β€œThe end result was truly incredible. Thanks to Trisha Lee, I have the most sought after penthouse in Southbank ... it is booked out almost a year in advance!”
Mark Mills, client